Etna, the mountain of excellence for Arabians or, merely, ” ‘a muntagna” in Sicilian dialect, looks like a giant black cone, visible from a distance of 250 Kms. At its base flourish an amount of oranges, nectarines, lemons, olive trees, agaves, prickly pears cultivations, not counting banana trees,eucalyptus plants, palm trees, pine trees and vineyards that strictly belong to the landscape.

Among the spontaneously growing greenery the euphorbia arborea flourishes, the “ginestra plants” that dye with bright yellow spots the base of the Etna mountain. On its higher level hazel trees,almond,pistachio and chestnut trees leave land to oak trees, beech trees, birch trees and pine trees. In this place the force of Nature and the human presence have cooperated, through the centuries, to model the ambient to reach the goal of making this place as fascinating as we found it now.

Etna is a continent, where we walk through centuries of history and time as we both would be turned in phisical space. Etna must be walked through, slowly, often we pick up a piece of lava, a branch of ginestra and above all, the strong need to visit once again this place.

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