The fire of Etna,
the white ash.

The winery aims to promote and further enhance the quality of the native Etna’s vine “Nerello Mascalese”, a black grapevine. All the company’s wines originate from the Nerello vine, the red wines Cirneco, Carusu, Cratere as well as the white wine Ciuri which is the result of the innovative vinification in white of the Nerello Mascalese. There is only one exception: the “spumanti” (sparkling wines), faithfully to the tradition of the French Champagne, originate from the Pinot Noir and the Chardonnay. In this area, the production of “spumante” started at the beginning of the 19th century when this sparkling wine was still called the “Champagne Etna”.

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The company’s logo represents a stylized bunch of grapes: the grapes are very large showing the attention to detail and meaning that every single grape will guarantee a wine of extraordinary quality. The packaging’s colors recall those of the Etna’s landscape: the brown color for the lava’s soil where the vineyards are being grown, the red color for the volcano’s fire, and the white for the volcanic ashes.

The unrivaled result of centuries-old traditions, of the use of modern technologies and of a constant effort to protect the natural local environment, our wine, endowed with a unique personality, is the very essence of a sun-drenched Sicily, full of warmth and passion.

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